Beginners Set (1)

This beginners set contains a lot of components for early circuits. We recommend you to purchase this circuit even if you are not a beginner, the set includes manual that has some important tips tricks and information about our products. The image above shows a older version of the set. The new and improved version (shown below) has more value and is more useful. The set contains 1 2xAAA battery holder, 1 2xAA battery holder, 1 9v battery holder, 6 wire connectors, 1 10k variable resistor (P009), 2 big switch (P012), 2 big motor (P013), 2 red LED, 2 blue LED, 2 green LED, 2 white LED, 4 5cm electric tape, 2 foam tape, 10 10cm wire, 8 5cm wire, 4 3cm and 2 30cm. Price: 55RMB.

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